Study motivation is important in learning mathematics. Study motivation can urge students to studying intensify. Michel J. Julius (Onong Uchjana Effendy, 1993: 69-70) said that motivation as “activity that giving motive to someone or oneself to take required measures”. At the education area, specifically for students, motivation can urged students to do their activity.
Generally, motivation is urging to do everything and study motivation is urging too, but specifically for study. Gage and Berliner (1984) said that without attention, study is impossible. So, students whose interest in the lesson usually pay attention intensively, and then appear motivation to learning more about the lesson. Motivation is important to influence students to study intensively.
In mathematics education, character of teacher need to raise study motivation of students. Teacher can do everything so that students interest and enthusiastic in study mathematics. Several things that can done the teacher to raise students motivation is:
1. Use the exact method in every mathematics lesson
In mathematics lesson, teacher can use study method that appropriate with students characteristic and the material that learned. With the exact method, students can interest to following lesson intensively. Even less that the used method gives opportunity to students for showing their knowledge and creativity in authority the material. It can make the students more competitive to study and increase their knowledge.
2. Use the creative ways in the lesson
The creative ways can do by various activities. Teacher can make various games that appropriate with the material. For example, games can form like a quiz, guess, riddle, or the other games. The games can practice to give exercise because the exercise to students usually can make flexible.
3. Implement mathematics in daily life
Teacher can give example of the material of mathematics that was learned so that students interest to learn more about the material. The example of implementation can give in the beginning of lesson. The example is real even that discovered in daily life. It is important, because generally students that don’t know the aim of learning material are lazy to learn more and feel their study useless.
4. Use teaching aid that interest students
Mathematics lesson can do with several media. Teacher can use teaching aid that available in the class, for example the visual aid from the class. Besides that, teacher can invite students make the simple visual aid or study out of class to looking for the implementation of material that learned.
There are many ways can done the teacher to increase student’s motivation in learning mathematics. It’s suspended of teacher creativity in urging students to study. Besides that, teacher can ask the opinion of students about what methods that will use.
Certainly, the character of teacher is important to increase student’s motivation to successes their study.

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