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Student’s psychological aspect can happen whenever. But, if students confronted with several mathematics questions, the psychological aspect of the students will be shown together with their attitude in looking that several questions. It can influenced by students readiness in working the questions and students feeling before know and read the questions. Students psychology before, can affect to student’s behavior in confronting the questions.
The questions given, can shown the readiness of students by looking for student’s psychological aspect after getting questions. In general, students will be relax and calm in looking for the questions if they ready. The unready students or students that haven’t study will be confused and restless in looking several questions. But, student’s character is different, not every students shown their truly feeling. In general, giving questions to the student will show the readiness of students.
Several questions given to the students will generate psychological aspect for them. For example, if they confronted for following questions:
VI. Finishing
  1. Determining solution gathering from following SPNLDV.
a. 5/x+ 4/y= -2 dan - 3/x- 6/y= 9/4

b. 3/a +2/b-5/2= 0 dan 2/a+ 4/3b= 5/3
  1. Ani and Budi buying books and pencil in bookstore. The price of their books and pencil can you see in the following table.
Rp 7.200,00
Rp 7.800,00
Determine the price of one book and one pencil.
  1. Rina and Santi go to supermarket. Rina buy five kilogram apple and one kilogram of orange with the price Rp 60.000,00. Santi buy two kilogram apple and three kilogram of orange with the price Rp 50.000,00. Determine the price of a kilogram apple and a kilogram orange.
  2. Rudi counting his money for this month. Rudi’s money consists of several sheets of ten thousand rupiah and five thousand rupiah. Total of Rudi’s money is 8 sheets. Total of Rudi’s money number in Rp 65.000,00. Determine how many sheets for every 10.000 rupiah note and 5.000 rupiah note.
By looking for several questions above, student’s psychological aspect can seen from their behavior. The chance of student’s psychology happens in three steps. When the questions given, when the questions worked, and when the questions have worked.
a) When the questions given
When the questions given by teacher and the students getting questions from teacher, psychological aspect that appear from students is: surprise, difficulty, lazy working, complex, too much, embittered, challenge, confused, indifferent, and easy consider.
Students feel surprise because they just know the questions. They feel difficulty, complex, too much, and confused because they surprised and not ready for working. They feel lazy working, indifferent, and easy consider because of their knowledge, think that need long time to work and lazy to think. They feel that the questions are challenge and embittered because of their readiness and it caused spirit in working.
b) When the questions worked
When the students working questions, psychological aspect that appear from students is: feel easy, passionate, fun, difficult, real, bored, and resentful.
If the students can work fluently, they will feel easy, passionate, and fun. If they can’t work they will feel bored and difficult. Students feel bored and resentful if they try repeatedly and always fail. Maybe they will have spirit to work because the questions are story problem, so its look real and it can practice in daily life.
c) When the questions have worked
Psychological aspect that appears when the questions have worked is: satisfied, anxious, not sure, and unconvinced of their self.
Feeling of satisfied is felt by students that can work fluently and sure with their answer. It also can felt by students that try repeatedly and can finishing their work. Students feel anxious, not sure, and unconvinced of their self maybe because they are not fluently in working, their work is not finish, or they scary that their answer false.
There are many psychological aspect of students that haven’t written above, because of psychology is so much and extensive. In general psychological aspect of students will show in student’s behaviors.

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